How To Shop Tax Free

Pay in the currency you understand

When you shop abroad it can often be hard to keep track of how much things cost. But with GLobalBlue Currency Choice ypou can pay in your own currency, wherever you are, so you know exaclty what you're spending at all times.

Shop the world for less with tax free

Get those perfect items, wherever you are in the world, with Global Blue's Tax Free Shopping service. Just look for our logo in over 270,000 stores across the globe and ask the stafffor a Tax Refund Cheque to get your tax back.

Easy as a 1-2-3

Global Blue's Tax Free SDhopping service saves you money when you shop in over 270,000 stores across the world, as it allows you to buy items without paying the tax on them.
To claim the VAT back when you bring your purchases home, just follow the simple steps below.

Get It

Once you've found that perfect item, remember to ask the shop staff for a Tax Refund Cheque when you're paying for it.

Stamp It

When you're leaving he country to head home or to continue your journey, take your purchases and passport to the custom desk to get your Tax Refund Cheque stamped. If you're travelling within the EU, get the stamp on your Tax Refund CHeque at the final point of departure from the EU.

Cash It

Finally, show you stamped Tax Refund Cheque, passport and credit card to our staff at Global Blue Customer Services or one of our partner refund points and they'll issue your refund immediatly. You can either get the refund put back in your credit card, or you can collect it in cash.

Phone: (+39) 0331 1778000
Call free number only from Italy: 800018415

  • Spend a minimum of 154,94 EUR, and save up to 14.5% of the purchase price.
  • Please observe theta the final refund you receive consist of the VAT total minus an administration fee.
  • Please observe that at this airport an additional fixed fee per "cheque" will be charged should you require an immediate refund in cash.