Less than 60 days to Christmas. It’s time to start thinking at gifts and parties!
This year it could be a little bit different, but one thing is for sure: Crespi is ready to help you to avoid the last minute ordinary gift.



Crespi Advent Calendar 2020: to surprise every day your love with a different gem of innovation, quality, comfort and sweetness.
Gift Card: the perfect present, every time. Leave the choice up to him/her with this fashionable treat, delivered in our special packaging



No one of your wishes will go wrong. You can come here, prepare your Wishlist and tell everybody that here they can find the right gift to make you happy. They won’t go wrong, you will be surprised.


Our shop is a very open space and there is plenty of place for everybody, we always monitor the number of people inside so you can stroll around safely.

Anyway, you can also:

  • Shop online: our e-shop is active. You shop, we deliver all over Europe (no Switzerland, sorry :( )
  • Click & collect: shop from anywhere and collect your wrapped gift in our boutique in Luino.
  • Style Advice: Crespi’s Girls are always at your disposal to help you choosing the perfect gift.
  • Shopping by appointment: From Tuesday to Saturday, we offer shopping by appointment from 1pm to 3pm with a personal shopper at your disposal.
    Please call +39-0332 537689 or write an e-mail at for an appointment.

Find updated working hours and special openings here

Now, a short introduction to our Crespi Christmas 2020 decorations:

Every year we invest time and creativity to prepare special decorations.
This year more than ever we have prepared conscious decorations who aim to think to Earth, Water, Environment and People respect and protection.

Do you remember in spring, during lockdown, when Earth was relaxing and reblooming?
Do you remember the positive effects of that? Like animals in the city centres?
Now, ask ourselves, are we respecting those Earth equilibres?
Are we doing something positive for Earth wellbeing?

This year our decorations want to invite everyone to respect, to pay attention, to act positively for keeping Earth and Seas safe and healthy.

Afterall, this is respect for us as humans.

Blue represents the sky and the sea. It’s associated to open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination.
Blue is water. Water covers about 70% of the Planet and we depend on it.
Blue is the sky of our happy days.
Blue is the wave crashing. Like our normality breaking for unusual events.
Blue is dark but it’s not fear. It’s just a phase necessary for a new beginning.
Blue is the deepest sea.
Blue is a light soap bubble.
Blue is the deepest starred sky asking big questions.

Maybe you know our passion for recycling and upcycling. But maybe you do not know that at this time of the year we turn into a team of Santa’s little helpers and we start producing Christmas décor.
All decorations are made by ourselves from packaging, fabrics, production scraps.
The greenery is taken from seasonal gardening activities.
The gift paper and ribbons are made from recycled paper or FSC certified paper.

Once more, here are all our contact information:
Telefono: +39 0332 537689
Whatsapp: +39 340 6873284
Instagram e Facebook: @crespiluino